StackFile Transporter Features

Stackfile Transporter Features


Premium Downloads from File Hosting Sites

Our one of a kind technology supports premium downloads from file hosting services including Rapidshare, Megaupload and Megashares. You can download files to your online folder in minutes or to your own computer. If you choose to download the files to your online storage, you can take advantage of our advanced file management tools including RAR pack/unpack, rename, delete, folders and MD5 Hash checking.

Upload Manager and Server Side Uploads

Uploading files locally has never been easier with our built in upload manager. It supports advanced features including multiple file uploading, drag-n-drop support, upload speed limiter and file queuing. We also support uploading files from your online folder to other hosting services at lightning speeds.

Share Files with Friends and Family

Users can share files with the friends and family, while only being bound by their generous account bandwidth limits. File size is only limited by your account storage space and all file types are supported.

Web RAR Packer/Unpacker

Easily manage your RAR archive files using our advanced file management system. User can quickly pack and unpack files to access their files. It also supports a user file selection feature, so users can extract only the files that they want. You can also split and join very large files, there is no limit.

Secure Online File Backup and Storage

Stackfile Transporter prides itself on its unique personalised file storage system. Users have the option to limit file access to protect their files. When enabled, files can only be accessed using your login and password. You have full control over your files, accessibility and management.

Secure and Anonymous Web Browsing

Stackfile Transporter allows users to surf the web using our proprietary request encryption algorithms and 128-Bit Encryption SSL. All of your personal data is completely anonymous and secured during web surfing. Also safe when using WIFI, and is also protected from spyware. When enabled, all browser traffic is routed through our servers which provide you with complete anonymity and security when accessing the internet.

Access Anywhere - Web and FTP Access

Our Stackfile Transporter service is the perfect for people on the go. Whether you have multiple devices or you are always on the move, accessing your files is made easy. We support both web and FTP access and have portable versions of Stackfile Transporter for use on public computers when you don't want to install anything.


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