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More power to our users with version 1.7 !

Starting from version 1.7 StackFile service doesn't have separate Download and Upload Traffic counters - we use now just one counter, the traffic is doubled, and it's up to the user how it will be used. Some users will like to upload more, others will like to download more. Let user decide how the service will be used !

This new version features slightly redesigned my.dir interface:



You will probably notice that we changed direct links a bit. They used to be ugly containing IP addresses. Now the links start with

A trash feature requested by many users is finally implemented. Even files deleted through FTP or NetDrive will go to "trash" folder. Files which are in "trash" folder longer than 1 week will be deleted automatically.

The major improvement in this release is Multiupload support. This feature let you upload multiple files or multiple links at once with just a few clicks! Remote Premium Uploads are supported too - e.g links from Rapidshare and similar sites you can upload without previous download to server- without using disk space ! (for this kind of upload we deduct traffic from Premium Traffic counter).



Another great improvement is LinX Catcher tool - which can catch links from the browser, clipboard as well as accept links dropped onto the transporter window (drop target and quick panel windows). LinX Catcher features link checking capability, easy download to server or via FlashGet of multiple links - with just one click !


Changelog for version 1.7.0

a) Web Interface (my.dir)
  • slightly redesigned my.dir interface - added toolbar to the bottom and redesigned status bar.
  • no need to clear browser cache on new Transporter release anymore - my.dir will render properly after each update !
  • URL Box now auto-expands if you paste multiple links (Ctrl+V)
  • file list loads faster for up to 75%. In Opera it loads under 2 secs with 500+ files.
  • added "Copy Links to clipboard" option to the status bar.
  • added Multiupload feature - accepts URLs and files.
  • added Remote Uploads e.g. RapidShare -> RapidShare (or any other combination) through URL box.
  • Fixed various upload plugins (MegaUpload, MegaPorn, Easy-Share, MediaFire,, SendSpace)
  • added upload plugins for and
  • fixed and User Premium Account suppot (My Premium Accounts page on the web site).
  • fixed problem with special characters in filename (delete/rename/download problem fixed)
  • changed format of direct download links to
b) transporter.EXE
  • Added drag/drop, clipboard monitoring, link filter, link checker, one-click-download (to server and via Flashget) to LinX Tool.
  • Added direct links feature for download managers - "http://localhost:2007/HTTP_LINK
  • this can be used to download rapidshare links using download manager without setting any proxy, e.g. http://localhost:2007/
  • Added "Listen on all interfaces" to FTP server with authorization option - you can use now FTP throughout your LAN.
  • Fixed internal link scrambling problem for direct links (Bad server response error fixed)
  • fixed facebook image upload problem.
  • added Credits to About box (just click anywhere in about box to view the credits).
  • ... and other smaller improvements ...

The features included in version improve user experience and service usability by more than 200%.

Thanks for beeing with us for more than 2 years !


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